We analyze evolution in real time of the customs regulations scenario, in order to provide our clients with efficient, secure and actionable strategies aimed at effectively reducing the costs and risks associated with the international flow of goods.


Actionability, i.e. the difference between a nice theory and a good strategy.

A strategy shows its effectiveness when it is applied to reality. This is when it proves to be "actionable". We are proud to say that it is one of Overy's strengths, because our distinct manner of working always includes field testing the effectiveness of our solutions.


Set yourself up for success.

Overy Academy is a benchmark in customs compliance and risk management training. We train private professionals and corporate resources so that they can position themselves at the highest levels of expertise in customs strategy and operations.


20 years of history and good results to pull from.

Overy's team has over twenty years' experience, during which we have supported small and large client companies in all sectors, generating tangible and significant increases in profitability and security in international goods flows, under any circumstances.


We constantly update our business community on developments in the customs scenario. Every month we publish our magazine covering news, critical issues, and opportunities in the field of international customs regulations.

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