Turning complexity into an opportunity

What are we talking about

What is a customs strategy.

A customs strategy is the set of choices that allows an organization to coordinate the international flow of goods in the most efficient and secure way, not only founded on solid theoretical grounding but also on the actionability of the strategy itself, speaking from a practical viewpoint.

  • Efficiency

    Efficiency is a matter of exploiting all the opportunities in the regulatory systems of the different countries to minimize the costs for transport and customs procedures.

  • Security

    Security aims at minimising or eliminating the risks of regulations breaches in the countries involved in the flow of goods.

  • Actionability

    Actionability is a matter of implementing strategies whose efficiency can be confirmed by their practical application in each geopolitical scenario involved.

How we operate

The Overy approach consists of five fundamental steps


    We carry out a preliminary survey and evaluation of the practices in use in the client company to assess their efficiency in dealing with the costs and risks associated with the international flow of goods.


    We involve our dedicated team in a two-step process consisting of theoretical analysis and strategic design.
    This is where Overy uses its knowledge about international regulations and puts it at the service of its clients’ specific needs.


    Overy commits this step to the development of new interpretation models and to the enforcement of the relevant regulations; this approach allows us to face problems with fresh eyes and a clear mind, free from prejudice based on practice.



    In this step, based on the theoretical work carried out throughout the two previous steps, Overy outlines in detail the system of choices to reshape the client company's strategies concerning the international flow of goods.


    At the end of the project, Overy will share the structure and details of the new strategy with the client company, providing all the training necessary to take the company's resources to the highest levels of professionalism in the field of customs strategies and operations.

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