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What are we talking about

Customs due diligence

Customs risk management, possession of adequate accounting and operational audit tools, appropriate and conscious use of the legal certainty and simplification tools offered by EU and national legislation, organisational adaptability to change. Customs planning is a management lever that can reduce costs and times by affecting all traditional business functions; the knowledge of customs tools allows to optimize the processes and to better manage the interactions between customs tools and the business cycle.

How we operate


  • Risk analysis

    A direct interview with the company functions affected by customs, logistic, IT and administrative processes makes it possible to trace information that is often fragmented and not always organized to units. A tool aimed not only at finding information, but to enter into the life of society, to understand its management logic and better protect its interests.

  • Output

    The result of the analysis activity is condensed into a document, with simple and well-understood language, which details the activities carried out and identifies the areas of non-compliance and areas of improvement, assigning to the situations examined a degree of danger due to the risk run by company and foreshadowing the solutions that can lead the customs process to a degree of "defect free".

  • Customs compliance

    The project to implement the improvement solutions of the customs process involves not only the elimination of possible management risks, but the consideration of this process as well as all other business processes, the awareness of the importance of the customs moment in business life. The first step towards that customs/operators partnership so dear to the EU legislator.

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