The Brexit issue: let's tackle it together

What are we talking about

We could be your trump card.

The UK was never particularly fond of EU constraints, and the failure to adopt the euro is a demonstration of this, even if a divorce seemed unthinkable.

On the contrary, it happened, albeit sweetened by many clauses designed to ensure an amicable partnership between the two parties, now not only separated by maritime boundaries, but also by land borders controlled by customs officials. All this accompanied by new rules, new flows, and new procedures.

How to deal with it? There is only one recipe: understand the framework of the Trade & Cooperation Agreement, think before you act, eliminate

risks and certify processes to ensure your business is running as smoothly as possible.

How we operate

We adopt an interdisciplinary approach aimed at fitting the customs process in your
business reality, and your business reality in the UK context, not only featuring relationships with the EU, but also with all the other countries favourable to trade agreements.


  • A change in perspective

    Brexit is not the same as changing an Intrastat form in a customs declaration; it requires great changes - which are logical before than operational -
    information, and training.

  • Workflow analysis

    We analyze with our clients their in & out flows in order to identify the most suitable business model, drawing all possible scenarios.

  • Training

    You have never had to deal with customs before? No problem, we will guide you step by step until you become familiar with this world, its language, its costs, risks, and opportunities.


  • Analysis

    We are taking a close look at how the UK market is evolving and at how post-Brexit arrangements are impacting the flow of goods.

  • Workflow optimization

    We will provide you with the key information to optimize your daily flows and make your operational structure more efficient, while reducing your compliance risks.

  • Customs management

    We assess how to optimize customs management, VAT, excise duties and product origin, as well as the impact of duties on sold and purchased products on a case-by-case basis.

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