We turn a deep understanding of customs into client-tailored strategies.

Who we are

A reliable guidance in an ever-changing world.

We are a consulting team focused on customs issues.
Each member of the team has decades of experience in dealing with client companies from all sectors and of all sizes, providing them with precise indications on how to optimize the international flow of goods.

What we do

Customs strategies and training.

Overy implements analysis and continuous monitoring of national and international regulations to update our state-of-the-art knowledge in this topic, day after day.
This gives us the tools to develop client-tailored customs strategies, and to train resources capable of reaching the highest levels of professionalism in this field.

The way we work

We systemize analysis and experience to produce results.

We have a Think Tank in place dedicated to theoretical analysis and strategic planning, and a R&D department committed to developing new models for the interpretation and enforcement of regulations. Combining a theoretical approach with what we learn from everyday scenarios is the only way to provide our clients with truly effective strategies.

Why you need us

Reducing costs and risks, outsourcing strategy areas and managing customs activities.

Thanks to Overy, today you can focus on the strategic aspects of your business, outsourcing all activities related to customs issues.
This will result in improved efficiency of your business and in opportunities for reducing the costs and risks associated with the management of procurement and sales processes.

Meet your new partners

Paolo Massari

After graduating in Milan, Paolo gained significant experience at the Italian Customs Agency, the FCA group and various consulting firms. He assisted both national and international groups, and advised Italian and foreign clients on customs and excise matters, with particular reference to

● implications of international transactions;
● customs planning and strategy;
● special procedures and simplifications;
● value and TP at customs;
● classification and origin;
● arrangements for excise duties.

He is the author of numerous publications on customs, EU VAT, and excise duties; he also published many articles on the new EU Customs Code; further, he held many seminars, refresher courses and training.

Lucia Iannuzzi

After following her educational programme at the University of Bologna, Lucia built solid experience in customs consultancy, specializing in the implementation and/or rationalisation of the whole customs process, with particular reference to

● planning and operational management of customs clearance activities;
● flow analysis;
● development of a more efficient supply chain asset;
● process governance.

She took part in several projects dealing with the implementation and customization of accounting and logistics systems and with the relevant customs implications.
She held several training courses.
She also held seminars and refresher courses, and published articles and reports - both in print and online - on issues concerning customs.

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