Deep and up-to-date knowledge of the topic.
Listening attitude.
Constant reference to practices in use in different geopolitical scenarios.

  • Transfer value to your company

    Risk diagnosis and process evaluation.

    Savings and increase of operational efficiency opportunities in the field of international transactions.
    Redesign and/or optimization of commercial policies, regulatory compliance aimed at risk reduction, and the relevant processes.

    Management and protection concerning control and investigation procedures.

    Customs advice
  • Transfer value to your people

    Remote or in-person, individual or group training.
    Constant information and updates through our Customs Magazine and the sending of regular newsletters about geopolitical and international developments, with a particular focus on customs regulations.

  • AEO Authorization

    A partnership requires mutual trust.
    AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) status is the credit facility granted by ADM (Customs and Monopolies Agency) to operators who manage internal processes and procedures in compliance with the EU regulations.
    Customs, logistics, administration and finance, IT systems, internal control,
    risk management, security: the AEO authorization is the key to access all business processes concerning the international flow of goods.

  • Brexit

    It can be seen as a political gamble, or a search for identity.
    For us, Brexit is a problem to be turned into an opportunity.
    To reach the goal, we need to analyze, study, and develop a strategic planning capable of drawing an efficient and safe path through the complexities of the Trade & Cooperation Agreement.

  • Customs due diligence

    Knowing you don't know. The socratic method applied to customs.
    Interviews with business functions, simple questions to find answers to daily operational difficulties.
    Recomposing the overall vision of a mosaic from the individual tiles, which reveals strengths and weaknesses of customs processes and related business processes, which allows the evidence of black risk areas and gray areas of improvement, perfect compliance also in terms of the opportunities of customs choices.

    Because awareness of one's limits gives rise to proper planning and an effective strategy

Actionability: C-Trade is the resource you need

An actionable strategy is immediately enforceable, as it is closely linked to an operational strategy capable of guaranteeing and improving competitiveness in terms of time and resources.
Thanks to our sister company C-Trade, we can say that Overy's choices do
live in everyday customs routine through predictable, smooth and efficient processes, where simplification is never a matter of principle, but a tangible result.

Our services

Direct and indirect customs operations throughout our domestic territory and abroad. Customs formalities related to the operational management of operations.

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