A customized growth path.

What are we talking about

What if there were a time and place to train in customs?

In an international scenario featuring incessant transformation of regulations and geopolitical dynamics there is a growing need for continuous training and accurate information on customs issues.

Drawing on twenty years of experience as consultants for national and international client companies, Overy designs training pathways to understand customs dynamics and the most effective strategy to steer processes and procedures.


How we operate

Customs training is largely made up of standardised courses aimed at any and all operators.
On the contrary, Overy develops client-tailored proposals, according to their specific features and needs.
Our training can be designed and delivered to teams and internal managers of companies or to consultants wishing to include advanced services in customs issues in their training programme.
Training is provided and delivered by Overy professionals. They are consultants with more than twenty years of experience. Learning methods are consolidated, user-friendly, and highly effective.

The three pillars of Overy training

  • Method

    Acquire a proactive attitude, i.e. anticipate changes, manage novelties, increase company's reliability in international markets.

  • Theory

    Learn the skills necessary to design reliable and effective customs strategies, based both on solid theoretical assumptions and on the experience gained over the years in hundreds of different national and international contexts.

  • Practice

    Organize processes and generate tools to ensure a smooth and effective management of customs complexity on an ongoing basis.

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