September 27, 2021


Almost three years after the publication of the texts of the insurance guarantees, agreed by ADM with ANIA, the parallel work with the Italian Banking Association is also completed, whose pendency until now had created so many problems at the time of requesting a policy to a credit institution.

Requesting the issuance of a surety policy to a credit institution can reveal insidious implications not only in relation to the economic cost of the operation, but also in relation to the text of the policy, requested by the customs authorities in a specific decline and demanded by the bank in a different form, more in accordant with its internal practices. The same problem also affected relations with insurance companies, but on December 7, 2018, the publication of a basic text, agreed between ADM and ANIA, ended the ongoing discussions. Now, this agreement has also been duplicated with ABI and on September 9 on the institutional website of the Customs and Monopolies Agency appeared the texts to be used for the release of bank policies against the establishment of a global guarantee or an individual guarantee. In global guarantees, the guaranteed amount (referring to both the obligations arising and the potential obligations) is not broken down into each of the underlying schemes/transactions to which it refers. The sureties will be accepted both in paper format and in file format transmitted via PEC, digitally signed by the guarantor bank in CADES or PADES format, without the obligation or notarial authentication.

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