July 27, 2021


Last week the Brazilian Federal Government started the new process of importing the Single Portal for the foreign Trade Programme, as part of the changes implemented by the Ministry of Economy, to gradually expand the scope of the Portal and simplify the procedures for operators.

The main novelty of the new style import process is the favor granted to companies certified as Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), which cover about 30% of the total value of Brazilian imports. Facilities are also made available to operators who submit a large number of import declarations, with the possibility of registering, correcting and consulting the single import declaration through the web-based integration of their systems with the government platform. The government also expects optimizations in the customs authorities’ work processes, thanks to the formation of virtual and specialized server teams, a more appropriate distribution of workloads and a better use of available public resources. The Single Foreign Trade Portal program is a federal government initiative to reduce the bureaucracy, time and costs of Brazilian exports and imports, in order to more efficiently meet the demands of individuals who carry out international transactions. The main objectives are the revision of the export and import processes, so as to make them more efficient and harmonized, and the creation of a one-stop shop for the interaction between customs and economic operators.

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