December 09, 2021

BREXIT AND SUPPLIER DECLARATIONS (EU) N. 2254/20 provided that until 31 December 2021 exporters can complete the certificate of origin even if they do not have the supplier’s declarations and, therefore, not having all the elements to determine the preferential origin. Time is running out.

A facilitation aimed at mitigating the complications, in the process of first application (but not only..), deriving from the materialization, in companies, on the docks of ports, in airport hangars and at road crossings, of a ghost called Brexit. Decrease the cost of EU/UK transactions eliminating the duty even in those many cases in which the exporter was not in possession of the supplier’s declaration as proof of his invoice attestation. It does not matter, dear exporter, you have until December 31, 2021 to recover the declarations relating to shipments made during the year; but, remember well, if by January 1, 2022 you will not be in possession, your certificate of origin will not be considered valid and the duties relating to each irregular operation will be recovered. 31 December is approaching dangerously, the grace period, also applied in British territory, is now coming to an end; if we are not yet in possession of the declarations, it would be better to think of informing our customers that they will be called to pay duties (of which they will ask us for reimbursement, not to mention the penalties); and in the UK someone predicts an exclusion of defaulting exporters from the use, in the future, of tariff preferences

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