May 01, 2021


The Customs and Monopolies Agency, continuing its work on dematerializing customs documentation, has decided to adopt, on an experimental basis, the procedure for the digital release of EUR1 movement certificates in export operations to Switzerland.

It was March 31, 2020, when the DG TAXUD of the European Commission, in the midst of a health emergency, invited the EU customs authorities to accept a copy, in paper or electronic format (scanned or available online), of the original preferential  certificate, signed and stamped by the competent authorities, as normally required, or a certificate digitally signed by the issuing authority or a copy of It, in paper or electronic format (digitised  or available online). Now, almost a year later, the Customs and Monopolies Agency (circular March 16, 2021, n. 13/2021), continuing the epidemiological alert status, accepts the invitation and, on an experimental basis, starting from March 15, 2021, adopts the full digital EUR1 movement certificate for trade with Switzerland, inaugurated by an agreement with the Swiss Federal Customs Administration on 23 February.


Since this is an experimental procedure, it is applied on an optional basis, without prejudice to the possibility of opting for the EUR1 paper certificate.

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