May 01, 2021


Some goods and technologies have civil applications, but can also be used for military purposes; known as “dual-use” goods, they are subject to the European Union’s export control regime, a regime currently under review.

Export control must strike the right balance between security considerations and the imposition of unnecessary restrictions on commercial activities. The review process of the current legislation, which began in 2016 with the presentation of a proposal by the EU Commission, revised last year, seems to have come to an end with the approval, in plenary session, by the EU Parliament and is now awaiting the publication on the OJ. Monitoring  of  emerging technologies,  such as biotechnology, advanced surveillance technologies, positioning, synchronization and navigation technology (PNT), additive manufacturing,  artificial intelligence  and  robotics; greater transparency in the control of dual-use exports, increasing the level of detail to be provided by Member States on exports, licences, refusals of licences and prohibitions; introduction of new general export licences for  SMEs; relevance to PIC (Internal Compliance Programs)  or  company policies, internal procedures and standardized safeguard measures in compliance with dual use legislation, the main innovations, in summary, of the new regulatory text.

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