December 09, 2021


Customs has a legal obligation to carry out, at the first point of entry into the EU, the analysis of security risks on all goods regardless of the EU country of destination. For a common response to hazards, a set of assessment criteria have been developed, included in the risk analysis systems of the Member States.

In May 2018, the EU Commission adopted a series of measures (Working Document C (2018) 3293 final, not published and known only by customs authorities) for the uniform application of customs controls, establishing common criteria and standards of financial risk (FRC). FRCs are a set of rules that allow Member States’ analysis systems to systematically identify transactions that present a potential financial risk and that require further investigation and/or control actions. The common customs risk management system (CRMS) is a fast and easy-to-use tool for the direct exchange of risk-related information between operational officers and risk analysis centres in the Member States, identified by the Commission services as a key element in the development of a common risk management framework. The Information Model (RIF), compiled online and immediately available to Union customs, helps to outline an equivalent treatment of economic operators across the Union, provides an adequate level of protection for the financial interests of the Union and the Member States, contributes to the simplification and equivalence of controls sanctioned in the Customs Code.

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