December 20, 2021


A meeting of the EU-Kosovo Stabilization and Association Council took place in Brussels on 7 December; on the agenda were Kosovo’s progress on its European path, following the publication of the European Commission’s 2021 Report and its progress in implementing the agreement.

The Council welcomed Kosovo’s renewed commitment to its European path, but could not avoid reporting to Prime Minister Kurti the need to continue on the path of reform, through the implementation of the second phase of the European agenda, setting a particular attention to strengthening administrative capacities and creating an effective coordination structure within Kosovan institutions. The parties agreed on decisive action by Kosovo, in full respect of its legal framework and international obligations, to ensure the rule of law, fundamental freedoms and justice. The meeting underlined the importance of constructive engagement in the EU-facilitated dialogue to negotiate and reach a comprehensive legally binding normalization agreement with Serbia, as well as the importance of Kosovo’s active and constructive participation in regional cooperation mechanisms, in particular the Common Regional Market and the Green Agenda for the Western Balkans, approved at the 2020 Sofia Summit. Kosovo informed the Council of its intention to apply for membership of the European Union.

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