May 10, 2021


The EU Commission has launched a public consultation to gather the views of economic operators, experts and customs law specialists on current measures to implement the Union Customs Code, the EU’s main legislative framework for customs.

The consultation aims to gather the views and experiences of legal and natural persons, customs authorities, universities and other interested parties who apply the Union Customs Code in one or more Member States. The Commission’s aim is to know whether, in the opinion of operators and experts in the sector, customs rules and electronic customs systems implemented until the end of 2020 have achieved the aim of making customs processes more predictable, streamlined and simple, in an environment without paper media; as well as whether the current legislative framework is flexible enough to deal with crises and emergencies, such as that determined by COVID-19 and new business models, created on the increasingly widespread use of  e-commerce. The opinions collected will be used to draw conclusions on the mid-term evaluation of the Customs Code, which the Commission has undertaken to present in a 2018 report.  All interested parties will be able to submit their considerations until next 19 July.


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