May 10, 2021


The new VAT legislation for e-commerce, in force In the European Union from next July 1st, aims to make life easier for businesses selling goods online, while ensuring fairer conditions with similar companies resident outside the EU.

From July 1st, it will be possible to declare electronically and pay VAT relating to all intra-EU sales in a single quarterly declaration, to be submitted to the tax authorities of your Member State, even when sales are cross-border. The new One-Stop Shop (OSS) platform can be used to account for VAT due on goods and services sold online across the EU, reducing compliance costs by up to 95%. At the same time, the Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS) will facilitate the collection, declaration and payment of VAT for sellers who purchase goods outside the EU for their EU customers; the tax will be paid to the tax authorities of their choice and not at the time of delivery of the goods. The objective of the new regulation is to ensure that VAT is paid when goods or services are consumed; create a uniform system for cross-border supplies of goods and services; ensure a level playing field between EU companies and third country sellers. From the same date, the exemption for shipments with a value not exceeding € 22.00 will cease.

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